Fleet Insurance


The insurances for flotillas are oriented to protect both physical and moral persons from the damages that may occur and that occur in vehicles of their property, which are dedicated to a commercial activity, or particular, with the modality of a single validity, for all units, allowing better control and greater efficiency in the administration of finances as a complement to insurance for companies.

This type of insurance can offer protection against material damage, total theft, civil liability for damages to third parties, both in their property, as in their physical aspect, medical expenses to the occupants of the same, at the time of the accident, legal defense of the driver and the owner of the vehicle, in the event that it is necessary, roadside assistance services, and accessory coverage.

Risks not considered

The vast majority of SMEs do not have this type of protection due to saving on their expenses, but the loss of one or more units could mean a serious blow to the company's finances if their main activity depends on these units for carried out; or if an accident occurs where third parties are involved and not having at least civil liability insurance could put the company in serious trouble.


Fleet insurance are policies for vehicles designed to cover more than one unit, have coverages that allow you to protect the vehicles of your company against: material damage, total theft, civil liability of the unit and the cargo if required, medical expenses of the occupants and legal protection for the driver and the company.


Depending on the package you choose you can make one from 10 vehicles of different uses and models: utilitarian, cargo, employee, depending on the coverages in the chosen policy.